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• Our uniformed security services are trained to handle various cause and disturbance In your premises. All our security Officers would be uniformed and would be of smart attire.

They are also trained for OFFICE CUM RECEPTION management.


Managing the records of vehicle and parking systems is done by the most advanced metholody. For more info please fill the form below.

Some of the duties our Static Guards carry out on site include: Regularly patrol the perimeter at specified intervals. A patrol log would be kept and a handover signature would be taken from site management at the start and end of the shifts. All incidents, sightings, suspicious behaviour would be reported to site management and the security Officer would liaise with the appropriate emergency services in case of any incidents. Control and monitor the movement of all vehicles, personnel and non-personnel to and from the site. Diligently apply their training to ensure that all materials/property and the premises are secured. Usually operate from a gatehouse and often in conjunction with mobile patrols. Wear High Visibility vest and be immediately identifiable as persons of authority. If required, our officers can carry out random searches of vehicles and personnel as a deterrent against theft. Such searches will always be carried out in a courteous and efficient manner. The Security officers will maintain log books in order to monitor all site activities. Registers will be kept for keys, lost property and any searches carried out.