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What is payroll management:

Payroll is administration of employees salaries in the organization. The process consists of calculation of salaries and tax deductions of the employees, administration the retirement benefits and disbursements of salaries to employees.

Payroll administration involves managerial activities such as maintaining employees records, referring employment laws etc.

You can rely on Fine Payroll Services, which offers you a complete payroll service that includes, direct deposit of salary in pay direct cards, tax filings, complete compliance and more. You will receive all the payroll reports you need to run your business most efficiently, and you also get personalized professional advice on all payroll matters

•Employee‘s Provident Fund •Employee‘s State Insurance Corporation Fund •Employees professional tax
•Labour welfare fund •Leave Management

Leave Report to Individual Employees through E-Mail Computation of Leave Encashment Annually/Periodically as per Company Leave Policy.

Monthly visit. Checking on the vendors filling statutory requirement for principal employer.


Taking the diverse features of payroll solutions like pay roll application, pay commission, payroll accounting to their maximum potential, we offer benchmark creating professional payroll services. Fine facility services competently facilitates these extremely essential, yet non core fringe necessities of commercial establishment. It integrates essential pay roll components and key pay roll solutions within a comprehensive, independant payroll management solutions

Benefits to company Payroll or contract employment helps the customer is resolving the various issues Hiring and firing problems Healthy competition in the work placeUnion problems etc

Other Benefits Minimize Risk Leverage Your Time
Eliminate software Hassles Avoid Penalties. Tapping the expert

We are fully customized to meet your specific needs.

We have the capability to provide a comprehensive payroll service that can be precisely designed to meet your unique needs. Our completely flexible state-of-the-art system offers remarkable capabilities that enable our firm to work collaboratively with you. Based on our knowledge of your business and consultation with you, we will design a payroll service that is optimal for your company’s needs.

CONTRACTUAL EMPLOYMENT: In contract employment we take the manpower on our payroll. It includes complete transaction from recruitment of the person, filling the complete details of form and procedures as per the company laws, forwarding the papers to ESIC, PF office. Also involves every month making salary slips and ensure that the staff gets his salary on time.

Employee pay roll ; which consist of various payroll components Pay roll processing : Vaious companies have various date of payment to staff differing from 1 to 10 of each month It also has various pay roll contents which requires proper payroll calculations and excellent payroll accounting system. We carry out the complete pay roll processing which includes collection of their attendance, leave taken, advance issued etc

Also Carry on all the necessity as required for the contract employment which includes

Issuing I d card on our role Issuing uniform Removing insurance on our roll
And issuing the ESIC/PF code on our role ACT BY WHICH WE PROCESSING PAYROLL:

We carry out payroll processing by the following commercial acts

a) As per factory Act. b) As per shop and Establishment act. c) As per Industrial Act.

To carry out the same we are backed with latest payroll software, which we keep updating from time to time we offer a complete and effective answer to your payroll needs. Through our vast experience sector, we have developed an expertise that is un-matched. When you outsource your payroll to us, we assign you with your own customer service representative to ensure you receive personalized support.