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From the main industry building to head quarters and branch offices, the façade is the primary localized identifier of the company, acting as a visual signifier. Due to its exteriority and frontal presence, the façade is exposed to the vagaries of rough weather and the atro cities of pollutions, and soon, it loses its visual appeal.

We have well trained, experienced operatives in all types of window and façade cleaning which enables us to adhere to definite specifications while maintaining the strictest safety, efficiency and cost of operation. Our glass cleaning personnel are armed with the latest glass cleaning kit and glass cleaning solutions. Using latest glass cleaning methods, we under take cleaning cloudy glass, cleaning glass windows, cleaning aluminium panels and aluminium slidings. Thanks to our façade cleaning equipment and chemical, we ensure environmental commercial clean

The team always deems to provide quality and competitive services to their clients at all times. The team work together with the client by understanding their exact requirements and in bringing a difference in the quality of the façade as per the needs of the clients.We carry our façade cleaning in Mumbai, façade cleaning in Bangalore, façade cleaning in Chennai. Our glass cleaners are well diversified with various façade cleaning equipment.

We have well trained staff to use various techniques for cleaning of glasses like:

  • Spiderman technique
  • Trolley
  • Gandola Trolley
  • Scafolding
  • Boom lifts
  • Parat

We are eager to clean the most un-exceptional places the tallest statues, bridges and the most unusual structures, Glass walls/ curtains walls and façade.

SCOPE OF WORK: façade cleaning solutions for/All structures having glass/All inside and outside glass/Also cleaning of glass of bridges/Cleaning of Louvers/Cleaning of space frames./Cleaning Aluminum panels/Cleaning cloudy glass/Commercial clean/Our glass cleaning solutions are given only after the inspection of the site

Services in façade cleaning •Window & Façade cleaning of all types of buildings factories, industrial houses both Internal & External sides •Building wall cleaning •Aluminum Panel cleaning •Residential high window cleaning
•Wall and fence cleaning with high pressure machines. •Silicon filing and touch up at leakage •Cleaning of louvers •Aluminum space frame cleaning. •Cleaning of Ac racks in between of glass individually. •Glass removal and fixing.
•Asphalt oil and grease removal •Cleaning driveways, sidewalks and dumpster areas.

Safety precautions

Use of Safety belts Good quality of rope

Good quality of clip for rope attachment at roof Use of Helmet Staff covered under insurance Use of two safety rope for precautions

Methods used in façade cleaning:

Spider man technique

Rig Trolley system
Scaffolding system Boom lift system<